The fiduciary guidance your Nonprofit needs to fulfill the mission.

Since 2011, we have dedicated a segment of our practice to working with Nonprofit organizations. The consulting work we engage is focused on the investment process while keeping your mission the utmost priority. A properly implemented investment process conveys strength to your donors and builds confidence amongst your Board of Directors.


Achieving your mission without having to master finances.

Ideally, your organization strives for a cost-efficient, transparent, properly allocated investment portfolio that is designed to provide the income and long term returns that assist your organization in fulfilling the mission. Many Nonprofits are unaware of the specific laws governing fiduciary investing, leading to inefficient oversight of the investment process. Town Square Consulting places an added layer of Board education and oversight designed to bring your investment portfolio to a higher level.


Clint Martin, AAMS®, AIF®, CFP®

Founder/Managing Principal

Since 2011, Clint has dedicated a segment of his practice to working with Institutional clients including Nonprofits, Foundations, and Endowments. Clint’s deep understanding of the laws and regulations of Institutional investing sets him apart from many in the industry. Having personally founded and led a Nonprofit, he also has unique insight on the inner workings of Nonprofit staff and board members. Having been conferred the title of Investment Management Consultant by the Raymond James Institute of Investment Management Consulting, as well as earning the Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ designation, he has demonstrated a commitment to helping his Institutional clients meet their fiduciary obligations.

Mission accomplished consulting.

The legal duty to supervise investments rests squarely with the Board of Directors. As such, they must take certain steps in order to discharge their legal and fiduciary duties. Town Square Consulting serves as a trusted partner to help board members navigate the specific requirements.




It always starts with the mission. We take great care to get a clear picture of the organization’s goals and objectives as they pertain to the mission. We will review the financial requirements needed to fulfill the mission and ensure the organization remains financially stable.




Once we have clear goals, we begin reviewing the investment strategy that is currently in place. We will develop recommendations for the investment strategy needed to achieve the goals. We can work as a liaison with any other third-party financial advisors to streamline communication.




We provide ongoing consulting with your organization and your investment advisor to analyze performance, recommend adjustments to investment strategies, and monitor growth.

It just starts with a conversation.

We understand how unique and important your mission is to your organization. We take great care to fully understand both your mission and goals. Based on the current state of your investment practices, we will identify potential risks you may unaware of and identify areas in which your organization can elevate your investment process.

Take the first step to making a greater impact.

Your investment portfolio supports ongoing efforts to make the largest impact in your community, and as such deserves time and attention. So let’s start with a conversation. Your initial consultation is completely complimentary and there is no obligation to work with us. Town Square Consulting is dedicated to helping Nonprofits fulfill their mission.